Kölliken AG – Heavy drunk driver detects two pedestrians

When a heavy drunken driver was switched off, his car lost control in Kölliken last night. This was thrown on the sidewalk and collided with two pedestrians. These were injured.

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The accident, which could have fatal consequences, took place on Saturday, August 25, 2018, shortly after 20
Clock in Kölliken. From the village center drove the 46-year-old Swiss in a BMW on the main road. As a result, he turned left into the Schönenwerderstrasse. He lost control of his car on a wet road, which came off the road with a thud. That's why he caught two pedestrians, who were just there on the sidewalk. The car finally came to a halt with total loss in the dike in the neighboring restaurant Bären.

Because the pedestrians initially seemed to have been more severely injured, both were taken to the hospital. It turned out that the
The 25-year-old woman had suffered only minor injuries and the 35-year-old man remained completely unharmed. Given the circumstances, they were both very fortunate and probably no longer had any damage.

The cantonal police of Aargau discovered that the cause of the accident had been heavily stunned. The breath test showed a value of about 0.8 mg / L, which corresponds to 1.6 per mill. The public prosecutor opened a criminal investigation and ordered a blood and urine sample from the driver. The cantonal police Aargau took him the driving license.

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