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The taxes in Köniz will not rise next year. The parliament followed on Monday evening the request of ordinary people and the center to leave the taxes of the municipality of Köniz 2019 as they are. Or rather, the middle and ordinary people used their common power and the upper hand. This was to be expected, as the middle parties rejected the tax increase in the run-up to the meeting, as reported by Der Bund.

But ordinary people went a step further with the middle. In the budget for 2019 they requested a cut in staff and material expenses of CHF 100,000. And this despite the fact that the city council has been able to save around eight million francs in the context of the budget process, because Mayor Annemarie Berlinger (SP) has been thrown into the balance.

The parliament also reduced the contribution of the Köniz to the Velofest of the Bern region "Hallo Velo" by CHF 30,000. The bourgeoisie forced this off with the help of the center, including the Green Liberals. That can be clear at first sight, because the promotion of the bicycle is one of the concerns of the GLP. The chairman Casimir von Arx justified the attitude of the GLP, but with the fact that a cycling festival for the GLP is not as important as good cycle paths. Earlier, he had warned Parliament that all parties should swallow "toads" if the municipal finances would rebalance.

So the Parliament not only demanded savings on an abstract level, but it also began to save. But the city council is prepared to save even more. He will investigate which planned investments the municipality can miss, said the president Annemarie Berlinger (SP). But he will also investigate where he can increase or increase costs in order to earn more money in this way.

The city council now has a year to do this. Because the parliament approved the budget without a tax increase and less the requested saving of 130,000 francs with a deficit of about 3.3 million francs.

Despite the willingness of Parliament to save, a Könizer institution can hope for more money. Parliament accepted the Greens' request to transfer 10,000 francs from the "Private Contributions" pot to the pot of which the "Serene Flag" can be supported. For example, the parliament paved the way to support the cultural institution with approximately 25,000 francs. A corresponding motion from the Greens will be discussed in Parliament next week. In it the Greens, together with the SP and GLP, demand more money than the 15,000 francs provided by the municipal council for the Heitere Fahne. The odds are good.

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