Landlord makes e-bikes slower for safety – promotion

The company Smide has limited the speed of their rental bikes. The e-bikes could run at 45 km / h, but the engine was closed for 35 km / h for safety reasons, as Raoul Stöckle, co-founder of Smide, confirms: "The restriction was made at the urgent request of the city of Zurich, the one was afraid of a high accident rate. »

In consultation with the city, it was observed during a test phase how often the Smide driver crash took place. Now the test is complete. According to Stöckle, five accidents with mild to moderate injuries have been recorded since early 2017.

This value is better than that of private e-bikers: "That is why we can now increase to 45 km / h." Not all customers. The maximum speed is initially only enabled selectively, as for experienced frequent drivers.

Heavy accidents pile up

Smide rents 200 e-bikes in Zurich. The start in Bern is upcoming. Smoldering on Smide points to the growing problems caused by the boom. For the first time, more than 100,000 e-bikes will be sold this year. Approximately one fifth of them are approved for 45 km / h. At the same time, the major accidents are accumulating.

Because even fast models can use the bike path, this conflicts with normal bikes and pedestrians. The Federal Roads Office, however, claims that e-bikes can cause more accidents along the way.

(Nag / SDA)

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