Light earthquake in Wallis also noticeable outside the region

According to an automatic report from the earthquake service, the earthquake occurred around 02:09. The epicenter was therefore at a depth of 6.3 kilometers nine kilometers northwest of Saxon.

The earthquake was probably felt in the vicinity of the epicenter, according to the statement. As a rule, damage of an earthquake of this magnitude is not expected.

At the ETH dozens of observations were received by people who had experienced the earthquake after the earthquake. Accordingly, the shocks were recorded in the neighboring canton of Vaud and in the Canton of Friborg.

In Switzerland there are always smaller earthquakes. For the current year, the ETH has counted more than 600 earthquakes so far. Last year, about 1230 such shocks were recorded.

The heaviest earthquake of the last ten years on 3 March 2017 under the Urnerboden had a strength of 4.6. The earthquake activity in Switzerland is concentrated in the Alpine region, in the cantons of Wallis and Graub√ľnden. (SDA)

Posted on 23.08.2018 | Updated 21 minutes ago

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