Lo & Leduc shocked by Funiciello-Shitstorm

In the sexism debate for the song "079", the two musicians Lo & Leduc once again expressed themselves. And how: on Wednesday evening they posted a statement on Facebook, in which they are appalled and show how the Juso boss Tamara Funiciello is insulted and threatened.

The highlight: even her personal mobile number was printed in a cartoon. And all that because in a speech in a subordinate sentence she describes the summer hit "079" by Lo & Leduc as sexist. Violence against women begins with & # 39; sexist jokes & # 39; and ends with rape and honor killings & # 39 ;.

It is the second statement of the two musicians. Last week the band said it would be a shame if the debate about sexuality is still being discussed or & # 39; 079 & # 39; is sexist or not. "Well, the discussion has not stopped, but it has not developed in a constructive direction", the two musicians justify their second statement.

"The malicious responses to their initiative show a great need for action because it makes clear that sexism and sexist stereotypes are very real in this country," said Lorenz Häberli and Luc Oggier – Lo & Leduc are bourgeois – on Facebook. (PMA)

Posted on 22.08.2018 | Updated 14 minutes ago

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