Man (27) rammed the car: 3 injured in accident in Vilters SG

On Sunday morning on the A13 motorway, there was a collision at 9 a.m. The accident occurred shortly after switching on the motorway at the Vilters junction, as the cantonal police said. The 21-year-old accelerated and rode on the normal strip. The open-minded behind her Camaro steering wheel also accelerated and focused directly on the fast track.

The back of his car broke out. Both drivers lost control of their cars. The rammed car came to a standstill in the fast track, the Camaro on the hard shoulder. The 21-driver and her two 50 and 59-year-old passengers had to go to the hospital. The cause of the accident remained unharmed.

The vehicles were damaged with about 23,500 francs. They were dragged. During the accident, there were traffic obstructions towards Chur. (SDA / szm)

Posted on 26.08.2018 | Updated 31 minutes ago

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