More and more cheeky: violence against young women tripled

Brutal attacks on women lead to a big debate in Switzerland: Géraldine Nowa (29) is beaten home on her way home by a group of hospitalized men. Likewise, there are five women in Geneva. One of the victims is even in a coma for several days.

Now an analysis of the accident statistics in the "Sonntagszeitung" shows that the number of violent acts against women between the ages of 15 and 24 has more than tripled since 1995. While 23 cases were reported 23 years ago, there were already 640 in 2016. The figures in the victim support statistics have also tripled: in 2017 there were 27 consultations of female victims.

Only for women is more dangerous

The number of attacks on young men is higher than among women. Yet there is still a development to see: since 2009, the attacks have fallen sharply. As the violence against men continues to decrease in public places, it is becoming increasingly dangerous for women.

A possible reason for this is that "young women are now more likely to be attacked when they are out in the evening or during the night," says professor of criminal law and criminologist Martin Killias on the "Sonntagszeitung". This would indicate attacks such as in Geneva.

Attacks become brutal and more expensive

There are also indications that the brutality of the attacks increases. Over the past 20 years, healing costs have almost doubled. It can not be due to the prices of the medicines: the medical costs of recreational accidents have risen considerably less. Even in the private sector, the figures are stable. (Tractor)

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