Motorcyclist crashed on highway Bieler Tagblatt

Motorcyclist crashed into crash barrier
The report on an accident on the A1 motorway near Ittigen was received by the cantonal police in Berne on Tuesday, August 21, shortly after 1.50 pm. According to current knowledge, a motorcyclist on the normal strip of the Neufeld in the direction of Zurich, when he bounced in the four-lane area after the highway viaduct for reasons that still need to be clarified in the crash barrier, is stated in the press release.

Serious injuries
The motorcyclist was seriously injured in the accident. He was taken to the hospital by an ambulance crew after receiving primary medical care.

Block in the direction of traveling Zurich
During the accident the normal lane in the direction of travel Zurich had to be closed for two hours. There was a lot of backwater, it continues.

The Berne canton police have started investigating the accident and the circumstances. PKB

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