Nazi suspicion of art in Davos

The work under suspicion of Nazi looted art is further investigated, as the museum announced on Wednesday. During the thinning of the collection of the Kirchner Museum, first works by the holdings of the Baumgart-Möller Foundation were examined.

The museum wrote that it can be assumed that this foundation has an increased chance of being associated with the confiscation and exploitation of private property and museum property during National Socialist tyranny in Germany.

Donation of the estate

As the museum also said, the foundation was able to fully clarify the origins of another 16 works of the foundation. The artworks were innocent origin, it was said. For other 21 works the source indications between 1933 and 1945 are incomplete. But there are no indications for a suspicion of Nazi looted art.

In 2000 the Kirchner Museum Davos received an important compilation of 42 artworks from the legacy of Rosemarie and Konrad Baumgart-Möller. The donation was in memory of the German art dealer Ferdinand Möller and testifies to his early dedication to avant-garde art, wrote the museum. (SDA)

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