New RBS depot – Resistance in Bätterkinden does not decrease – News

New RBS depot – Resistance in Bätterkinden does not decrease – News – SRF

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The RBS received the opponents' suggestions and improved the project. The criticism remains.

A citizen asks questions during the information event.

The RBS location at the Bätterkinden station is a "scam".

Brigitte Mader, SRF

120 people attended the informative event in Bätterkinden. Nobody denies that regional transport Bern-Solothurn RBS needs a new depot. But the location next to the station is still controversial. "Does the RBS really want to build there because it makes the country cheap?" A woman asked herself. The RBS project manager resisted. The RBS has not yet promised a country.

The plans

Five hectares must be built. The RBS wants to build the depot in the vicinity of a commercial building. So the residents should feel as little noise and other emissions as possible.

One man also spoke critically. He wondered why you would pursue such a project if there is so much resistance. "Back on the field", that's the way to go.

That is excluded for the RBS. The road map for the next steps is available. The architectural competition starts in October. The project support group must supervise the entire process. At the end of 2023 the depot must be put into use.

SRF 1, Regional Journal Bern Friborg Valais, 06:32; MADB; Fun

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