No surprise at SVP: Weber and de Courten were nominated without debate for government elections – Baselland – Basel

Stronger, but not euphoric applause, just one abstention from the vote, a determined inaugural speech: as expected, SVP National Councilor Thomas de Courten easily skipped the obstacle of the party-internal nomination. After voluntarily relinquishing competitor Dominik Straumann, the way to 52-year-old Rünenberger during the party meeting yesterday in Hofgut Grosstannen, or Bubendorf was free.

Together with the incumbent economy director Thomas Weber, who was even nominated unanimously, the independent entrepreneur will try to establish the accession of a second SVP member to the Basel government for the very first time ever. Preferably at the expense of the SP challenger Kathrin Schweizer, although this was only suggested yesterday, but was not expressed openly. On the other hand, party chairman Oskar Kämpfer repeatedly stressed that the chance of SVP on such a double double victory was never so great. Although the majority of the bourgeois government has had the state law in order for the past four years, there is still a clear civil authority in the governmental council to get even the much too high debt burden under control.

Important networks in Bern

De Courten himself mentioned in his 20-minute speech mainly two important problem areas for the rectification of which he wanted to intervene in the government: the high tax burden, especially for high incomes and the lack of infrastructure development. "We are stuck in a traffic jam every day, daily in the S-Bahn and daily in the tram. Ultimately, we only have to deal with our inflated investment backlog. "However, in order to make progress in the area of ​​infrastructure in Basel, the network in Bern needs a lot of networking opportunities and he could make the necessary contacts." I am nervous about this race, but I am ready to take on that fight, "said de Courten honestly, he would remain true to himself in the election campaign, he considers his reputation as a hardliner positive as a public recognition of straightforwardness and assertiveness, and certainly in the election campaign for many attacks. view and his party, now, after 15 years as the strongest party in the Basel area, it is high time that the SVP could take more government responsibility, concluded de Courten.

Thomas Weber encouraged the SVP members with his own example: "In 2013 everyone said that I had no chance. We have packed them anyway. "SVP will have the same opportunity again in 2019," although no one trusts us this time. "Finally, the cantonal president Fighter swore the SVP base not only for the two nominees, but also for the whole bourgeois four-card – with particular emphasis on financial director of CVP, Anton Lauber.

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