North of Lägern: Bund gives the green light for Nagra reconnaissance drilling in the Canton of Zurich – Bülach

In total, the national cooperative for the storage of radioactive waste (Nagra) submitted 22 requests for exploratory drilling: eight each in the two location areas Jura East and Zurich Northeast and six in the Nördlich Lägern area. There were hundreds of objections.

After completing the first approval procedures, the Uvek has now given the green light for the Bülach exploratory wells in the Nördlich Lägern location area and for the Trüllikon 1 and Marthalen (NSG 16-15) sources in the Nordost area in Zurich. In the coming weeks and months, decisions should follow the further requests.

With the exploratory drilling, Nagra will investigate the geological subsurface from 2019 onwards. On this basis, it will announce around 2022 for which locations it will prepare general permit applications for the construction of deep geological storage sites. (MCP / SDA)

Created: 21.08.2018, 10:44 clock

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