Now Parmelin puts everything on one card – Comments (AAZ)

Those who are in the loss zone risk more. This principle is known from the behavioral economy. This is also how Defense Minister Guy Parmelin behaves: after his party colleague Ueli Maurer had lost the 2014 vote on the purchase of 22 Swedish jet fighters, Parmelin now places everything on one card – and use is increased by more than double. Instead of 3.1 billion francs as in Gripen, the renewal of the air force costs 8 or even 9 billion francs this time. Not only the jet fighters, but also the air defense wants to replace the VBS-boss. If that is possible?

If you say no, the disaster would be perfect from the army's point of view. Then the Air Force would be history in its current form. Because the end of the life of the F / A-18 fleet can be anticipated despite the upgrade. Parmelin speculates that voters can not get that far.

By calling a contact group, he is now trying to find a better connection with his own officers – creating transparency, which must be greeted. The inclusion of a women's organization and a youth organization also testifies to the realization that the army still has a lot of educational work to do.

Ultimately, however, it is the Federal Council and the Parliament that must convince voters of the necessity of renewing the Air Force. If, as in 2014, the civilian camp can not sign a unit, the likely vote in 2020 will be difficult to win.

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