Oberdorf: age information is widely used

A colorful market full of information about the "dr heimä bliibe" offered the community the last night in the field of old age. Social Leader David Schmid draws a positive balance.

Marion Wannemacher

The audience participates: fitness exercises with instructor Karine Studer-Häcki (right). (Image: Marion Wannemacher, Oberdorf, August 30, 2018)

The audience participates: fitness exercises with instructor Karine Studer-Häcki (right). (Image: Marion Wannemacher, Oberdorf, August 30, 2018)

"It's important to orientate yourself on old age, you never know what's coming, here you can find impulses to get help," said Marguerite Mathis from Oberdorf, and she inquired about the market stall last Thursday with Franziska Schöpfer, the director of the Red Cross Unterwalden, about the offer of the organization There was a lively exchange on the market stalls and with the aperitifs The community of Oberdorf had invited, the auditorium of the school Oberdorf was almost in the last place occupied. last night on the theme age was about "dr heimä bliibe".

The Alzheimersvereinigung Obwalden / Nidwalden, the SRK Unterwalden and Pro Senectute, Spitex and the support group of seriously ill and dying people in Nidwalden presented themselves. Esther Christen of the nursing department of Spitex Nidwalden moderated the round. She was enthusiastic about the event: "It is not just dry theory, an event, socially combined with culture: ideal."

Everyone wants to reduce inhibitions

After the performance there was a question and answer session: "If someone needs help from the Spitex, does he have to go directly to the Spitex or the GP?" Someone asked. If it concerns a smaller care about the need for a shower chair, the Spitex could help immediately, otherwise one should primarily turn to the GP, was the answer. And those who need to contact, if you do not know who is helping, asked social experts David Schmid the experts. "In case of doubt, just an organization" was announced from the round.

That much became clear that night: nobody complicates here, everyone tries to reduce inhibitions and facilitate access to care and assistance services for the elderly. "Do not wait until you are asked by the doctor", said Franziska Schöpfer emphatically. Esther Christen agreed: "Sometimes processes evolve in an insidious way, it is important to get help and relief early."

Prevention advice of autumn in Oberdorf

The fact that experts have more authority in the elderly than their family members, spectators and experts in Oberdorf agreed. From autumn, residents will enjoy the joint prevention project of Nidwalden Spitex and Pro Senectute. This was started as a pilot project in Dallenwil and Stansstad. The aim is for older people to stay in their familiar environment as long as possible, explained Walter Wyrsch, Managing Director of Spitex Nidwalden and Brigitta Stocker, Managing Director of Pro Senectute Nidwalden, in the evening. Traps and insulation are the most common reasons why older people should be at home. The costs for the advice are borne by the municipality of Oberdorf. "We are very interested that our residents can stay at home for as long as possible", social leader David Schmid emphasizes.

It was in the lecture of building consultant Josef Arnold Lussi about getting older in his own four walls. He represents the association obstacle-free building Nidwalden and Obwalden and advises people who want to stay home as long as possible. In a nutshell Josef Arnold Lussi presented a practical checklist for the house or apartment. Whether it is a staircase or driveway for access, standard entrances of at least 80 centimeters, WC and bathrooms with handles are available, decide whether an apartment is suitable for the age or not.

Fitness instructor gets the public going

Gymnastics exercises by fitness instructor Karine Studer-Häcki stirred the audience. The entertainment music of the Leuthold family from Stans and Oberdorf, which appeared with three generations, rounded off the evening. David Schmid drew a positive conclusion from the three events: "Thanks to the mix of culture and information, we were able to bring people to the assembly hall." The range of topics from positive, dynamic and pleasant age to the difficult topic of dementia with panel discussion and the practical tips on the last evening were well received: "This shows that the need for information on the subject is very good there," said David. Schmid.

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