Orphanage becomes a "living room" – Bern

«Zócalo»: In many Mexican cities there are central places where people meet, chat and rest. For the sake of the test until the end of October, the Bernese orphanage will be called "Zócalo", Spanish for pedestal or pedestal.

As the city council of Berne announced on Friday, a dance stage with an integrated chair forms the center of the pedestal & # 39 ;, as the Berner project officially states. This phase can be used multifunctionally – for example as a lying surface, a yoga studio or a dance stage. A double-decker container is available as rain or sun protection.

Thanks to this design, the square will become a meeting place, playground and location until the end of October – "in short: an extensive living room for the population", as the Bernese city council writes. The place can be used for dance lessons, choir rehearsals and discussions.

In the week before the autumn holiday, the New Middle School Bern (NMS) wants to move the lesson to the square in the orphanage. On Friday morning, the city council of Bern, Ursula Wyss, pointed out the media in the presentation of the project for the temporary use of the rifle mat and the new "Parklets" at the Zeughausgasse. The latter are mini-parks on park fields. The pedestal & # 39; is a bridge to these projects, Wyss said loudly.

Redesign is delayed

Background to the "basic" attempt, the plans of the city of Bern, the Beer and Waisenhausplatz have been extensively redesigned. But this redesign will start at the earliest in 2021. The Bernese city council therefore wants to improve the quality of the stay at the central Berner Platz. Bern City Council also announced on Friday that it needs more money to plan the new orphanage and the bear camp: it asks the city council to raise the project management loan by 300,000 francs to 550,000 francs. (Cse / SDA)

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