Oskar Fighter criticized by the FDP: "Can not be overestimated" – Baselland – Basel

Mr Fighter, you will conduct the election campaign for the candidates of the bourgeois government. Now comes, shortly before the nomination party conferences, criticism from the FDP. This strangling fire will hardly have pleased you.

Oskar Kämpfer: This criticism of individual liberals should not be overestimated. The party leadership of the FDP has spoken out for a one-candidate – the governing board member Monica Gschwind. This is accompanied by the acceptance of a second SVP candidate. I am convinced that the FDP will no longer move. The bourgeois government card of Anton Lauber (CVP), Monica Gschwind (FDP), Thomas Weber (SVP) and – most likely – the second SVP candidate Thomas de Courten. On September 3, the quartet presents itself to the public.

Various explanations circulate in support of the civil committee. CVP Chief Brigitte Müller-Kaderli stressed that there is no official election recommendation from the CVP for the other civil candidates. The committee is a matter for the magistrates themselves.

I can tell you what we think of the SVP: I will apply to the party congress on 23 August, that the SVP will officially be the four card with Anton Lauber (CVP) and Monica Gschwind. (FDP) supported. We SVPler support the other ordinary people. Personally, I am glad that we have all civil candidates in the boat.

What about the funding of the committee? Brigitte Müller said that CVP Baselland has no money left in the committee.

That can be. The fact is: there is a substantial payment of all four candidates in the greenhouse of the committee – even by CVP board Anton Lauber. In the case of SVP candidates, the party has made these contributions. I do not care how the other parties and their candidates deal with this, as long as the campaign is financed.

According to insiders, in 2015 the Chamber of Commerce buttered about a million francs in the campaign of ordinary people. How much money do you have available this time?

I do not expect a quarter of the available amount in 2015, which I found considerably lower than the million. Incidentally, money that was raised by fundraising and did not come from the budget of the Chamber of Commerce. I promise, however, that the bourgeois election campaign will not be less intense because of a smaller budget.

So you do not mind that the Economic Chamber will be eliminated as the all-embracing service provider of ordinary people in 2019.

The Chamber of Commerce to give up was a decision on the tips of CVP and FDP. I would also like to have awarded the contract to the Wirtschaftskammer subsidiary IMF AG this time. This did very well in 2015. Unlike at that time, the content and volume of the contract should have been publicly communicated. We will now try to address the associations in the Economic Chamber, so that our candidates are invited to the events of these associations.

Your party colleague and appointed candidate government Thomas de Courten will not have it easy in the election campaign. The National Council has the reputation of being a right-wing hardliner far into the civilian camp.

These are prejudices that we will correct. See: The canton of Baselland has enormous shortages in the development of its infrastructure. And this is largely due to the defective networking of our region in federal Bern. Thomas de Courten is excellently connected in Bern. As chairman of the National Council for Social Security and Health, he enjoys a very good reputation in parliament.

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