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The fate of the Christophorus School Bern (CSB) is increasingly becoming a political ping pong in Ostermundigen. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find out what is right and what is wrong.

In the summer of 2023, the curative day school, in which 80 children and adolescents with a number of multiple restrictions are taught, has to move out of the Rothus Schoolhouse. So it wants the city council. He wants to use the Rothus again in the future as a center for higher degrees, as he did before he left them to the CSB.

This is the best solution for coping with the growing number of students. "Not true" is in contradiction with the Ostermundiger parliament. On Thursday evening, with 24 to 4 votes, it gave the municipality the assignment to negotiate a new lease with CSB.

The community

Parliamentarians criticize the city council from left to right, even the "refusal to work" is the speech. The Council has never seriously investigated alternatives. These are certainly present: for example, the community could set up modular buildings in the Rothus Schoolhouse.

So they could solve the problem costs of their school room, at the same time stay in the Christophorus school in the Rothus and continue paying rent, the parliamentary majority calculates.

"We can not simply put our hands on our lap and do nothing."André Angel
Christopher & # 39; s School

The city council, in turn, indicates that the Christophorus school may no longer necessarily want to remain in the Rothus. The CSB has a new location in the vicinity of Bern in the sights, "she is approaching the completion of the contract and there is already a construction project in progress". Because the CSB grows and needs more space in the Rothus, ie the city council. "Stop!", SP MP Rudolf Mahler used. The CSB is still very interested in a solution in the Rothus.

The school

What's right? "We can not simply put our hands on our lap and do nothing", responds André Engel, co-director of the Christophorus School. Negotiate with another landlord and the canton, but nothing has been signed yet. There was no offer from the congregation, Engel said. One thing is clear: "We need a school space for the long term", a lease of at least 25 years.

The attacks in parliament have led to the Ostermundiger City Council revising the planning of the school space that was started five years ago. An external planning office has to calculate different variants, which are then submitted to the parliament.

As part of the clarification, the Christophorus School will – as requested – submit a new lease, says city council Henrik Schoop (FDP). Schoop does not dare to predict when this will happen "because of the high demands of Parliament on planning".

The prehistory

When the council hired the Rothus in 2008, he offered the Christophorus school an oral opportunity to stay at school for the long term. However, the written lease – which was wrongly never submitted to parliament – had a notice period of only five years.

From this period used the newly composed city council. The CSB challenged the municipality before the judge and the court ruled: The CSB gets a lease until 2023, after which the community can have their schoolhouse.

This prehistory is anything but happy. At least on this point, most stakeholders agree. (Berner newspaper)

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