Pedestrians on the highway – Heavy traffic accident in the vicinity of Münsingen (BE) blocks highway news

  • On the A6 at Münsingen (BE) a pedestrian has been hit by a car while driving on the road.
  • The man was mortally wounded in the accident.
  • The motorway section between Rubigen and Kiesen had to be closed in the direction that Thun had to close for several hours, which led to a kilometer long road on the highway, the surrounding roads to the city of Bern.

The cantonal police Bern received several phone calls after 2:20 pm with the report that there is a pedestrian in the area of ​​the motorway service area Münsingen. After initial findings, the man had first moved to the lanes in the direction of Bern. Then he crossed the Mittelleitplanke and reached the lanes of the opposite direction Thun.

There the pedestrian was caught by a vehicle and thrown away. Despite the immediately initiated resuscitation measures of First Aid workers and two ambulance teams, the man died on the spot. Other people were not injured in the accident.

Block the highway to the south

The A6 motorway had to be closed from Rubigen in the direction Thun to Kiesen. The fire brigades of Belp, Rubigen and Münsingen have made a detour.

In addition to two ambulance teams and an emergency doctor, the care team of the canton of Bern was also responsible for the care of the affected persons.

To clarify the accident, the cantonal police asks Bern for a testimony.

Kilometers of traffic

The two lanes of the A6 towards Thun were closed after the accident between Rubigen and Kiesen. In Rubigen traffic was diverted to the main road.

At 6.30 pm the clock was according to the Traffic information Viasuisse the congestion between Bern-Wankdorf and Rubigen south over twelve kilometers and caused a loss of time of two hours for motorists.

The traffic jam also affects the highway between Bern-Neufeld and the junction Wankdorf in the direction of Zurich. In the evening there were traffic jams in the city of Bern.

The surrounding road network south of Bern in the region around Rubigen and Münsingen was also affected. On the main road H6 direction Thun it came between Almendingen and Münsingen and between Belp and the exit Rubigen from the highway to traffic congestion. The situation did not relax until about 8 o'clock in the evening.

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