Policemen attacked: football chaotically beat each other

Mass Victory in Zurich: Shortly after 2.15 pm, several passers-by in the operations center reported that they were observing a larger group in a massive brawl in the Heinrichstrasse area. The Zurich city police moved with different patrols and met a collection of people, due to the football fanatic because of the clothes.

The Stadtpolizei Zurich confirms LOOK: these are pursuers of the two FCZ and GCZ clubs in the city of Zurich.

Four people were arrested during the subsequent police check. During the arrest the police were attacked by several people and had to use rubber to protect themselves. A police woman was injured. The four detainees are interviewed by detectives of the Zurich city police and then fed the Zurich-Sihl prosecutor.

At the same time, an injured man was found in the long-road underpass. He had to be taken to the hospital by the paramedics of Schutz & Rettung Zürich. According to the first findings of the city police, he was the victim of an attack by the rival fans.

As part of the triggered Nahbereichsfahndung, several patrols of the city police were attacked by different groups in district 5. It had to be used several times for intrinsic safety in rubber. The police are looking for witnesses.

FCZ Chaotics pounded policemen

Not the first attack on the police: officials were thrown and threatened by FCZ-Chaoten only on Saturday morning. (VIEW reported)

By a fight between different people in the Niederdorfstrasse on the Hirschenplatz agents came out. A passing patrol of the city police Zurich became aware of the events and continued the alleged offender group back to Niederdorf.

They could arrest a person. He is a 24-year-old Italian. After the arrest, police officers were suddenly thrown and threatened by various people, so they had to withdraw and ask for reinforcements.

Mass brawl at the Prime Tower

Time and again the footballers from both clubs come together and deliver massive fights. Recently, a brutal fight for the semi-final of FCZ-GC Cup in the Prime Tower in Zurich caused a sensation in late February. GC fans were attacked and kicked and hit in the head with fists and feet. (VIEW reported)

When the police wanted to reach the Maagplatz, they were thrown and attacked with various objects. Then rubber was used. (JMH / PMA)

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