Power saw man F. W. (51) is now in psychiatry

He was terrified of an entire city. Chainsaw husband F. W. * (51) stormed on July 24, 2017, the CSS branch in the old town of Schaffhausen with a chainsaw. The amok wounded five people – including two CSS employees. One was seriously injured and had to be operated.

The chainsaw man is on the run for two days, then click on the handcuffs in Thalwil ZH. After his arrest, the responsible public prosecutor seeks pre-trial detention. It is granted. F.W. arrives in custody. In general she is extended three times, three months each.

F. W. is out of custody and now in the implementation of measures

Since the end of March, the chainsaw man is no longer in custody, as his lawyer Thomas Fingerhuth confirmed at the request of BLICK. Now it is clear: the chainsaw man is in psychiatry. In order to release F. W. from prison, an application for an early prison was filed in February. In the case of F. W. this is the early implementation of measures.

"A report recommended a measure," explains Fingerhuth. Since the end of March, F. W. has been acting on his own initiative to implement measures. The chainsaw man is housed in the Forensic Psychiatry Clinic in Rheinau ZH.

The chain saw "goes up and down"

The Rheinau clinic specializes in outpatient and inpatient psychiatric treatment of perpetrators. The center for clinical forensic therapy can house a total of 79 offenders.

In the security zone at three stations there is room for a total of 27 beds. In addition, there are three closed action stations with space for 13 patients each, as well as an open emergency department with a further 13 beds.

The purpose of the treatments in the Rheinau clinic: the freedom of torture and the corresponding rehabilitation of the perpetrators. When asked how F. W. is, Fingerhuth says, "It goes up and down, how it is."

F. W. was already known to the police before his chainsaw fell. In 2014 and 2016 he was convicted for violating the Weapons Act.

«We have not yet filed a complaint»

More than a year has passed since the attack. Nevertheless, the investigations remain with the responsible public prosecutor. "However, the investigations are well advanced," says Peter Sticher, first public prosecutor at the Schaffhausen public prosecutor, at the request of Blick.

Nevertheless: "We have not yet filed a complaint," Sticher admits. When it will eventually be that far and the chain saw man has made the process, he can not say.

F. W. is accused of deliberate murder. The actual sentence depends on the debt. In the case of deliberate serious personal injury, the chain sawman could get a prison sentence of up to ten years. If the sentence about an attempted murder could lead to 20 years in prison for 51-year-old F. W.

* Name of the processor known

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