Process: Spraying: wall belongs to private and not to the city – supra-regional

Three young men – presumably FCZ fans – would have sprayed "Südkurve FCZ" on the Zürichbergstrasse in one night at the end of March 2017. On the Krähbühlstrasse they reportedly reported only an "F".

These are so-called tags. For example, markers are known as a signature under painted images. Often you will find them – as in this case – as a territorial marker. Yesterday, two out of three men had to respond to damage to property in the court of Zurich. The sprinklers caused damage to the retaining wall of 5500 francs.

The accused appeared accompanied by their defenders. For their career, the two artisans were still willing to give information. When the language came to the alleged act, but they were monosyllabic and refused the statement. That is her right.

Criminal application is invalid

After all, the interrogation revealed that a neighbor had alarmed the police during the night in question. He had seen two people get out of a car and sneak into a backyard. Both had been wearing balaclavas. The kidnapped police then arrested the one who was accused locally. The other she attacked a bit later in a club club of the FCZ.

The court did not have to deal with the case yesterday. The persecution failed because of a shame. There was no valid criminal complaint, as the lawyers of the defense have complained. Material damage is a claim. So she will not be prosecuted.

In this case, an employee of Stadtzürcher Tiefbauamt has signed a criminal complaint. But as a lawyer has indicated, the painted wall is not from the city of Zurich, but from private individuals. And these owners have had to sign the complaint. The single-judge judge stopped the proceedings.

Directions picked up

On the subject she said at the opening of the verdict: "It would have been difficult with a conviction." The defenders had done a good job. They had literally scammed the prosecutor's evidence in their pleadings. It started with the fact that there were only police reports. On the other hand, there was no complete agreement between police officers and neighbors.

It was therefore not possible for the defense side to be present during interviews. The mere information from the reports was not usable. "It is at least rumors, rumors," said a defender.

The police reports are inaccurate. There is therefore no indication that the color of the graffiti was wet. So you could have been an hour or a year old. Forensic scientists examined the spray cans in a rucksack nearby.

The black color shows similarities. However, it is a mass product. You can not tell whether the color comes from this spray can. The white and light blue color did not match.

Six different DNAs

In the backpack was a balaclava with DNA of the accused. The forensic scientists, however, discovered in the pocket DNA of five other people. Can not therefore prove that the backpack of his client.

Finally, the forensic scientists stated in the report: "There is no trace of evidence, whether one of the suspects was on the spot or not."

The defendants receive a total of about 15,000 francs in compensation from the state – mainly to cover the legal costs. (Zurich regional newspapers)

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