Prüfungs-Gate: students win in court – Bern

For many red heads, the events around a Jus exam at the University of Bern. Now the situation seems to be legally clarified: the administrative court of the canton of Berne has a student right – the university was illegal, the student institute of the University of Bern. The results of the research must have been announced by the university, ie the judgment of the administrative court.

Repeat after identical test

A professor at the Faculty of Law last June passed a research in the field of debt enforcement and bankruptcy. The test was almost identical to a test from 2013. The exam questions together with solution grids were easily available on the Internet for students. After confessing the error, the faculty ordered a new investigation.

The first test was not a real check of skills and knowledge. In particular, they have been declared invalid. "It's about the quality standards of the university and the credibility of the degrees", said Professor Kurt Nuspliger, chairman of the Appeals Committee of the University of Bern. The university had to guarantee the public that graduates met the necessary conditions.

The Appeals Board rejected complaints

Seven complaints were rejected by the university committee and the 180 students had to do the re-exam. The original test was not valid, the Commission wrote in a communication. As a result, the student representation went to court.

Now the student was right in the court: in his certificate the grade of the first exam is registered. The students who did not challenge the decision of the University of Bern hold the degree of the re-examination.

"The verdict is groundbreaking for the Swiss educational organizations," says SUB board member Tobias Vögeli. Because time and time again, professors submit old exams to their students. The universities are then confronted with the question whether the students have repeated the exam this summer, such as the University of Zurich. (Msl / she / pd)

Created: 01.10.2018, 11:12 clock

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