Public prosecutor examines debts-pastor-appearance

Now it goes to the collar of the guiltman: as the "SonntagsZeitung" reported, the prosecutor's office of the Canton of Schwyz led the former pastor Rolf N. * from Küssnacht to conduct a criminal investigation.

The 47-year-old has been suffering from serious gambling addiction in ten years. To finance this, he had to lend acquaintances for money. He is now with almost 50 creditors with approximately 1.5 million francs in debt.

Citizens stand behind N.

In the meantime, the public prosecutor of Schwyz has picked up the case. It is still unclear whether the judiciary has become active on its own initiative or because of a claim by a creditor. N. must be responsible for fraud and forgery of documents.

According to the newspaper, the pastor is admitted to a clinic because of his gambling addiction.

Küssnachter helps pastor

Despite all this, the cushions are behind their former pastor. A crowdfunding campaign to help him pay off his debt has already generated more than CHF 16,000 (Blick reported). An online petition entitled "We want our predecessor back!" Was also launched.

Even a dupe is not angry with the debtor. According to the "SonntagsZeitung" the pastor wrote a long post to the Küssnach church organist Armin Kneubühler (67) on 20 January and explained his situation.

In this way he describes the beginning of his gambling addiction, with a profit of 200 francs in the Casino Lucerne started a decade ago. He went deeper and deeper into the vortex and played roulette and blackjack for nights.

Organist transferred five-digit amount

At the end of the mail, N. Kneubühler asked for a sum of money in the five-digit range, at least he came from the forest. The church musician did not hesitate for a second and moved the money the next day.

He was aware that he would probably never see the money again. He says to the newspaper: "I consider the money I have against him as a gift for him, I even assume that he has deceived me, yes, and? I spent ten wonderful years with him in the Küssnacht." ( Aho)

* Name changed

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