Radio Pilatus | 2 million casino jackpot cracked

slot machines

slot machines
Photo: Grand Casino Lucerne AG

At the Casino Lucerne a woman is neatly cut in the night from Thursday to Friday. She cracked the Swiss jackpot of 2 million francs to a slot machine.

The dream of many probably. The profit of a lot of money. On Friday morning at the Grand Casino Lucerne. Five dolphins have been lucky to have a wife, she has cracked the Swiss jackpot of 1.95 million francs at 1 o'clock in the morning.

Seven casinos are competing in parallel with the Swiss jackpot. Since the start of it, 17.5 million francs have already been paid. The woman was the tenth winner and won the jackpot in Luzern.

The winnings of the casino are tax-free

The winner can keep the whole prize for themselves, because in Switzerland casino winnings are tax-free. The Swiss casino's pay a casino tax, which corresponds to about 50 percent of the gross gaming income. The annual surrender of approximately 400 million francs a year flows to the AHV and the location cantons of the casino's.

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