Radio Pilatus | Partygoers "Leo" is dead

Leo Züsli was 86 years old.

Leo Züsli was 86 years old.
Photo: ZVG

The well-known in the city Lucerne party-goers "Leo" is dead, this confirmed sources from his personal environment to Radio Pilate and Tele 1.

Leo Züsli, as he was called with his real name, was well known and loved in many clubs in the city of Lucerne. The 86-year-old party fan danced there where teenagers, over-30s and more like to go to the Augang. "I suppose I'm in the clubs, I'd rather dance two hours than an hour," he said in an interview with Tillate three years ago. On Facebook there was even a separate group with more than 2000 members. He was regularly seen in Casineum Lucerne and the Vegas Club.

Züsli died according to statements from his personal environment during the night from Thursday to Friday. He was 86 years old.

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