Radio Pilatus | Zuger's NFA payments continue to rise

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The canton of Zug must pay 329 million francs in 2019 to the National Financial Equalization (NFA). The trend of increasing Zuger payments continues. It would have been about 17 million francs more than was paid in this year. The government of the Land Zug therefore argues for the implementation of a compromise proposal from the Conference of Cantonal Governments (KdK).

Compared to the previous year, the canton of Zug has to pay 17 million francs more in the National Financial Equalization (NFA) in 2019. This would then be 329 million francs, which would mean that Zugerin and Zuger pay the canton 2727 francs for the compensation for financially weaker cantons. This makes the canton of Zug the second largest donor canton.

The trend of rising payments continues, as the Canton of Zug writes in a message. In the canton, however, this decision is mainly due to the fact that the federal government and several other donor cantons have paid for years longer than required by law. Since the introduction of the NFA in 2008, the donor cantons paid too much 1.42 billion francs. Zug & # 39; s share of this is 281 million.

compromise proposal

The canton of Zug is not alone, but it needs change in other cantons. That is why the Conference of Cantonal Governments (KdK) has drafted a compromise proposal to which 21 cantons have agreed.

The canton of Zug now expects the federal parliament to approve this alliance between the cantons to ensure more fairness in the financial equalization.

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