Ragettli jumps from all heights and situations to the Limmat – Sport: winter sports

Whether it's a spectacular balance of parkour or a ski trip on green meadows, the video's of Swiss freeskier Andri Ragettli are spectacular and inspire fans on social media. Tens of thousands of people view their clips online. An example?

But anyone who thinks that the winter sportsman is only active in the cold seasons is wrong. Just in time for his twentieth birthday, the Grisons posted a video on Instagram, in which he and his colleagues, including freeskier Daniel Conrad Loosli and snowboarder Lucien Koch, enjoyed hot bathing in Zurich in their own way. Sometimes he balances with a shield on the bridge, sometimes he dives several feet into the pockets with his hands in his pockets. Even a melon is halved with a machete. In addition, there is a bit of a techno sound in a foreign language and the next viral hit has already landed. But see it yourself:


Created: 21.08.2018, 18:40 clock

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