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The railway Lucerne-Zug-Zurich remains interrupted after the derailment of a construction train all day long. There are replacement buses and certain trains are diverted via Olten.

However, due to the interruption between Luzern and Ebikon LU, some connections on the route fail completely or are not full or are extremely active in Thalwil. Moreover, the S1 fails between Luzern and Ebikon. There are replacement buses. Travelers must plan more time.

The SBB assumes that the trains will be on track again at 5:20 on Tuesday morning, as a spokesman for the media said on Monday.

It was planned that the route between Luzern and Ebikon should be closed from Saturday at 21.50 to the beginning of Monday morning for the construction works.

Damage greater than expected

But because when the train jumped out of the rails at an unfavorable point, the block was now stretched out. On the one hand, because the train had to be lifted with a rail crane. On the other hand, because the damage was greater than initially assumed, as the SBB spokesman said further.

The construction work on the weekend is part of an extensive job renewal between Luzern and Ebikon over a length of 1860 meters, with the SBB building totaling approximately 3200 tons of counterweight. The work lasts from 1 July to 17 October and usually takes place late or & # 39; in the evening.
(Oli / SDA)

Created: 08/20/2018, 08:05

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