Rear-end collision on the highway – testimony Hüttlingen TG

During the collision the correct steering wheel of the white car was slightly injured. (Photo: Kapo TG)

Hüttlingen / TG ​​An alcoholic driver caused a rear-end collision on the A7 motorway on Thursday evening. The cantonal police Thurgau is looking for witnesses. –
Kapo TG / PN

A 29-year-old driver drove a black KIA on the A7 motorway at 7:15 PM ZurichAccording to previous findings he drove on the fastest lane of another passenger car. This fell over and came to a standstill on the roof on the standard meter. The 63-wheel was slightly injured, his passenger remained unharmed.

The attacker of the accident first rode against the central busok and could then stop along the road, he was unharmed. A breath alcohol test gave a value of 0.51 mg / l. A blood and urine sample was ordered on behalf of the public prosecutor. The 29-year Dominican license was taken to the Road Traffic Office.

According to previous findings, the KIA-control should have overtaken several vehicles on the leaky strip at too high a speed. the cantonlaw enforcement Thurgau was looking for other people who could give details about the accident.

As a result of the accident, the central roof board was badly damaged. The maintenance department was called in to repair and clean the roadway. During the accident registration and rescue of vehicles, the motorway was completely closed for about 45 minutes.

Witness call: Anyone who can provide information about the accident and in particular the driving style of the driver of the black KIA, is requested to contact the cantonlaw enforcement Thurgau, telephone 058 345 22 22, to report.

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