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The Swiss Air Force has started Monday with the restoration of the Dakota wreck on the Gauli Glacier. The American military aircraft had to make an emergency landing in the Bernese Oberland in 1946 and the passengers were rescued.

Over the past few months, the glacier has exposed important parts of the wreck. Now the debris field is being cleaned up. The work should be completed tomorrow (Tuesday). A maximum of two tons of material is then flown into the valley. But much has not yet appeared, for example the cockpit.

"We found a motor block with the screw, some parts of the wing and a lot of small parts, parts of sheet metal, wooden parts and blankets," said Fritz Teuscher, chief savior of the mountain, Monday at a local media meeting. About ten people work for the cleaning work.

The American Dakota C-53 had fallen into the fog on 19 November 1946 and was lucky enough to make an emergency landing on the Gauli Glacier. Earlier accident the Dakota was spotted at 3350 meters altitude.

Assistance packages were dropped from aircraft for the victims. Most parcels, however, landed in crevices.

In an unprecedented rescue operation, Swiss military pilots eventually ventured into the world's first rescue in the high mountains from the air. They landed on the glacier with two Fieseler storks and the twelve Dakota passengers could safely fly to Meiringen.

"It was the birth of the rescue of pilots in the mountains," said Jürg Nussbaum, Chief Communications Air Force, on Monday. The remains of the aircraft will remain in Switzerland. "The Americans have given the Confederation the plane," reported Teuscher.

Certain parts can be made available to the public. It is conceivable, for example, a permanent exhibition in the tourist center of Innertkirchen. (Mch / SDA)

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