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On the early Sunday morning a spectacular water spout developed over Lake Zurich. Meteo-Switzerland meteorologist Daniel Gerstgrasser was able to film the relatively rare phenomenon for Richterswil. "I can not get enough of it," he writes on Twitter, where he published his recordings.

Water pants are spatially narrow air vortices. In this country they rarely reach diameters of more than 50 to 100 meters. In essence, watershots are nothing more than tornadoes above water – but they are not nearly as destructive as their "relatives" over land.

Water pants form as a funnel-shaped or tubular structure from a rain or rain cloud and then reach the water surface. Contact with water, however, rarely takes long on smaller lakes such as Lake Zurich. The water pants usually dissolve immediately as soon as they reach the country. That is why they rarely cause damage. On the other hand, the water pants can reach much larger proportions above the sea.

Ideal conditions on Sunday morning

The conditions for water shooting were ideal on Sunday morning in the region. The air temperature had dropped below 10 degrees due to cold air. At the same time, the waters of Lake Zurich are still 24 degrees warm. This enormous temperature difference is a condition for the formation of water helmets. That is why the phenomenon in this country almost exclusively occurs during the transitional periods (spring and autumn). (

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