Romance with a colleague – Berner Asylheim boss exempt

Daily life in a federal asylum center can be fierce. Groundbreaking decisions are taken. Does someone receive asylum or not? Not an easy task for civil servants. However, the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) is proud that there are "professionals in action".

However, one of the bosses of the Federal Asylum Center Ziegler in Bern was not very professional. The deputy head of department has entered into a relationship with a subordinate to him. He was released in the short term.

The head office in Wabern near Bern confirms the romance. This sounds like the following to the German authorities: "It concerns an SEM employee, who held the position of head of department until the end of 2017. Because of a conflict escalation due to a special personnel situation, he was temporarily relieved of his duties."

The man decided in his function on asylum applications. He was now offered another job. Currently he does not seem to work.

It should have had a dependency relationship

For the asylum seekers the house rules determine the valid rules of the game. However, the two asylum officials did not follow the rules. According to insiders he did not want to understand that the situation was unbearable. There was a dependency relationship. The supervisor or his colleague urgently needed to change within the administration.

It is unclear whether the couple knows each other before.

Disciplinary procedures have reportedly not started. According to the Federal Asylum Center Ziegler, the boss has not committed a criminal offense. Officially, the migration authority does not comment on the case.

Mood is nervous

The affair has been a topic for discussion among officials for weeks. The atmosphere in the office is nervous anyway. The SEM will be completely reorganized. Hundreds of employees will have to change jobs and probably have to move.

Posted on 26.08.2018 | Updated at 10:53

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