Romoos parties propose the old National Council Ruedi Lustenberger as a municipal team

The community team of Romoos resigns at the end of February 2019. However, no candidates for the vacant office have reported so far. The CVP, FDP and SVP now jointly propose an interim solution.

The three parties propose the old national council member Ruedi Lustenberger as a candidate for the municipal team. According to a joint declaration by the parties, this is ready to take over the office until the end of the legislature at the end of August 2020 as a temporary solution. The parties would therefore have more time to prepare for a follow-up in the longer term, that is how it goes.

Former mayor Daniel Lustenberger is still in office until the end of February. The deadline for the replacement elections will expire on 8 October, but until now the parties were unable to make nominations. There were no prospects for the office. In mid-November, the parties intend to hold the next round of discussions on this subject. (Pd / AKK)

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