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On Saturday afternoon several people in the operation center of the city police of Zurich reported that there was a massive fight in District 5. The city police Zurich moved to the Heinrichstrasse with various patrols and met a number of people who could be assigned because of the clothing of the football camp. Four people were arrested during the subsequent police check, as the city police wrote in a message.

During the arrest the police were attacked by several people and had to use rubber to protect themselves. A police woman was injured. The four detainees are interviewed by detectives of the Zurich city police and then fed the Zurich-Sihl prosecutor.

At the same time, an injured man was found in the long-road underpass. He had to be taken to the hospital by the paramedics of Schutz & Rettung Zürich. According to the first findings of the city police, he was the victim of an attack by the rival fans.

As part of the triggered Nahbereichsfahndung, several patrols of the city police were attacked by different groups in district 5. It had to be used several times for intrinsic safety in rubber.

Similar incident in the Niederdorf

In the night from Friday to Saturday shortly after 0.30 am on the Hirschenplatz to a physical conflict between different people. Two men were injured. While one of them was seriously injured, the other managed to escape to the Rudolf Brun bridge. There, however, he was overtaken by his opponents and attacked again.

A passing patrol of the city police Zurich became aware of the events and continued the alleged offender group back to Niederdorf. They could arrest a person. He is a 24-year-old man.

After the arrest, police officers were suddenly thrown and thrown at objects by various people, who had to withdraw and ask for reinforcements. Some of these people wore clothing from FCZ fans.

The two wounded men had to be taken to the hospital by the Schutz & Rettung Zürich ambulance. One of the wounded could leave the hospital.

The exact background and the action are unclear and the subject of the current investigation by the public prosecutor for violent crimes and the cantonal police of Zurich.

Calling witnesses:

Persons who can provide information about the incident in District 5 or the relevant group are kindly requested to contact the Zürich police at 0444 117 117.

Persons who can provide information about the incident in the Niederdorf and on the Rudolf Brunbrug near the Limmatquai, or who can provide information about the group concerned, are kindly requested to contact the Zurich cantonal police on 044 247 22 11.

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