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It is 9:20. When did you get up this morning?
At 7.30. So it's nice enough for me on the train.

Do you tend to be comfortable in the morning, or are you the type that always stops at the last minute in the train?
I am more of a morning person. That means: I take it every cozy. So I have enough time to read the news.

How long do you need from door to door?
About an hour.

How do you spend your time on commuting?
Sometimes I'm calling, sometimes I take commuter paper and sometimes I read a book.

Which route do you prefer: the return journey?
It depends on how my workday was. Actually, I prefer to work in the morning, because I enjoy my work and therefore I & # 39; Look forward to work in the morning.

In which season commuting is the most pleasant?
Good question. In the winter it is always dark, you are always a bit tired. In the summer it is often hot and therefore do not commute very well. It is most pleasant in autumn or spring.

Is there something that annoys you about commuting?
Yes, sometimes there are many people on the train and you have to stay – especially on the road between Thun and Gümligen. Then the 20 minutes are a bit long. But that's the way it is.

Do not you find food on the train?
Personally, that did not bother me.

What about the phone?
As long as it is not all loud and people do not do it in the compartment, but at the doors, I do not think that's bad. (Bernerzeitung.ch/Newsnet)

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