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the SRG will save, director Gilles Marchand promised on 4 March. The voters had just sent the no-billag initiative with a hefty bachab. A moment later it became clear where to save: 170 employees of the SRG radio studio in Bern, who reported on federal politics and foreign affairs, had to move to Zurich and live in the SRG headquarters in Leutschenbach together with the radio studio Brunnenhof.

This announcement from early April was followed by strong protest: of all SRG, praised in the election campaign without Billag as the last bastion of regional anchoring and media diversity, wants to bring the radio studio from the capital to Zurich, was the tenor.

FDP National Council Kurt Fluri speaks in the video advertising on the protest website about a "slap in the face of the SRG supporters against the no-Billag initiative".

In addition to Fluri, other MPs have spoken, some of whom would not expect it.

Only a few days ago the website www.proradiostudio.be gave a video of Bern & # 39; s SVP National Council Adrian Amstutz on. Amstutz, whose party supported this no-billag initiative this spring and accepted the end of the SRG, says in the video: "A spatial separation of the editorial boards has great advantages in terms of the diversity of opinions, and opinions are merged into a pabulum. . »

Amstutz had itself reported to the commission "Pro Radio Studio Bern" to support radio personnel and other people who organize the resistance to the move.

At the request of this newspaper, why he is involved, Amstutz says: "Because the SRG carpet floors, as well as cantonal governments and the Federal Council, save the producing front instead of the bureaucratic water brains." The direct environment of the executive committees is always spared, while «In effective practice» will be saved, «on guardians, police officers, caregivers and so on». The SRG now also does it. He is also against the "progressieve Verschürcherung" of the media landscape, says Amstutz.

«I should be happy»

Surprisingly, the appearance of the councilor of Zurich Jacqueline Fehr (SP), that & # 39; should actually be happy & # 39 ;, as she herself says in the video text: "170 very attractive jobs, highly qualified workers would work in the Canton of Zurich." But when she sees Zurich's optics dominate news coverage in the media, they are worried. She explicitly invited the head of the SRG to stop the project. "Switzerland is more than Zurich."

Also from the CVP, which is institutionally strongly connected to the SRG (CVP Federal Council member Doris Leuthard has the media dossier, CVP politician Jean-Michel Cina is SRG President), comes criticism. According to reports, CVP chairman Gerhard Pfister also wants to speak out publicly against the relocation plans. He said that he spoke to "Capital Region Switzerland", a lobby group from the cantons of Bern, Friborg, Valais, Solothurn and Neuchâtel, who oppose the move, according to radio workers. Pfister was not available for comment on Friday. If he were public against the project, the SRG would have big exponents of all major parties against him if they were to implement the austerity measures.

Critics doubt the saving goal

This is the hope of the demonstrators: "We hope that the governing bodies consider the political price too high for the relatively low savings potential that is still uncertain," said Priscilla Imboden, radio editor and co-president of SSM Radio Studio Bern. The SRG expects to save a total of 10 million francs with the radio concentration, of which 4.4 million franc would ideally be spent on the move from the Bernese studio to Zurich.

But critics doubt that this account works. In order to exploit the savings potential in Bern, SRG would have to leave its expensive headquarters on the Giacomettistrasse, which, however, will be chained to it in 2032 under a lease agreement. If she does not find a new tenant, she must stay there for 14 years or at least finance the house. The plan of the head of the SRG would be to move the head office to the cheaper building on the Schwarztorstrasse, where today the radio studio is located.

Month long "storm"

The board of directors of SRG is responsible for the decision on the radio studio. Legally this is not entirely clear, as decisions on locations, depending on their scope and scope, are decided by the board of directors or the regional board of last resort. In the case of the radio studio, however, it has been agreed that the council will decide, says SRG spokesperson Edi Estermann. The decision will be made in the autumn – or during the regular meeting on 18 and 19 September or on another day, according to Estermann. What is certain is that the board is interested in ending the controversy that has been going on for five months now.

Next week, the opponents really want to be loud: on Thursday, August 30th, the demonstration "Pro-media diversity" takes place at the Bundesplatz instead, where the corona of Bern's politics and prominent artists want to perform: Mayor Alec von Graffenried (green) , the Bernese government president Christoph Neuhaus (SVP) and the Council of States Beat Vonlanthen (CVP) give a speech, the writers Pedro Lenz, Rapper Greis and others are available for free on this day.

Technological advancement

SRG spokesperson Estermann points out that the controlled relocation would not be a pure austerity measure, but also justified in terms of content: "Radio needs to develop digitally, it costs money and resources." Spatial proximity makes collaboration more productive and promotes technological progress. proximity to the TV and the online section offers additional synergies. »

However, the protests were noticed by the SRG leadership and they would certainly be included in the decision-making process. (Baz.ch/Newsnet)

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