SSP, Greens and BDP discuss about initiative to self-determination

The voters will vote on November 25 on the initiative of the party "Swiss legislation instead of foreign judges". The SVP delegates meet in Unterägeri, in the canton of their group leader, the Zug-national councilor Thomas Aeschi.

The so-called self-determination initiative requires that the federal constitution takes precedence over international law. This was so until the federal court turned the order upside down, the party argues. The speakers are National Council member Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (GR) and Thomas Matter (ZH). On Saturday, the Greens and the BDP will make their slogans for the SVP initiative.

In the afternoon, the SVP delegates take the slogans on the two agricultural initiatives, which will be voted on September 23rd. The Fair Food Initiative of the Green Party requires more honest and sustainable food. The food security initiative of the Uniterre farmers union wants imported products to meet the social and environmental standards that apply in Switzerland. In addition to these two proposals, the horn-cow initiative in the Peasant Party will also lead to discussions.

The party leader recommended the two agricultural initiatives on Friday evening, as well as the Hornkuh initiative of the deputies' meeting of the rejection, as a message shows. The party director also pleaded for a no-parole in the federal decree on bicycle paths. Only the self-determination initiative, which comes from its own ranks, found support in the party leadership.

The delegation meeting of the Greens in Zug is all about the Fair Food Initiative launched by the party. The delegates also decide on the slogans for the bicycle article, the food security initiative and the self-determination initiative. In addition, the Greens want to adopt a climate resolution.

The Green Liberals in Spiez formulate the slogans of the federal decree Velo and the Fair Food Initiative. The executive committee and the parliamentary group ask for a yes for the bicycle article and for approval of votes in the Greens' Agricultural Initiative.

Finally, the BDP delegates meet in Geneva. The program includes the slogans for the two agricultural initiatives and the initiative for self-determination. (SDA)

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