St. Gallen station modernized as a hub of public transport

Mayor Thomas Scheitlin welcomed numerous guests from politics and business to the festive opening of the station, which is visited daily by 80,000 people and 1,700 buses. By the year 2030, it will be 110,000 daily.

The station, according to Scheitlin the "main hub of public transport in Eastern Switzerland", has been modernized, the tunnels have been enlarged and the stops of buses and mailboxes have been rearranged on the station square. Striking is the new arrival hall in the form of a white glass cube.

60 million franc investment

For SBB boss Andreas Meyer, the St. Gallen train station is an example for the new handling of SBB with their real estate. For example, the retail space in the tunnel below the town hall was considerably increased. Meyer also described the successful cooperation between SBB, city and canton as "exemplary". SBB invested just under 60 million francs and another 22 million in the city.

The Kornhausplatz was redesigned at the front of the station. There is now again the Lämmler fountain, a towering bronze sculpture in the form of a folding folding cloth. The city council wanted to remove the work of the St. Gallen artist Köbi Lämmler (1934-1989), but scrambled back after controversial reactions.

Fast connection with Munich

As part of the celebration, the first new double-decker train of the SBB was renamed "St. Gallen" and according to Andreas Meyer it will be used between St. Gallen and Geneva from the change of the timetable in December. double sticks for about 1.9 billion francs.

The municipal construction director Maria Pappa would like to see an improvement in the S-Bahn and a faster connection with Munich then. According to the cantonal economy director Bruno Damann, this should not be so fast: the passenger volume is still too small for an S-Bahn in the quarter hour clock. (SDA)

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