Steffisburg: Poodle well in the shark tank – Region: Thun

"We do not actually have a chance," says Andreas Wenger. Together with Hansjörg Gafner he is Managing Director of Maga Bäder AG in Steffisburg. Many competitors in the spa sector would have a much greater impact force because of their size. "They're doing promotions that we simply can not keep up with," says Wenger, adding militantly, "but we do not want that. & # 39;

Sometimes his team and he felt like the Gauls in the comic book Asterix and Obelix, who stand firm against the overwhelming Romans who surrounded the village. And that is what makes the Maga baths AG excellent.

Ten years ago Peter Mathys and Hansjörg Gafner founded the company in Steffisburg. In the beginning the shirt-sleeves were back and forth. For example, the Mathys garage was temporarily converted into a bathtub store. Today it is much more organized. The company is on a solid base. There are about ten employees working.

All levers in motion

The recipe for success is simple. "We score with our flexibility and direct contact," says Wenger, who took over the shares of company founder Mathys a year ago. So you go to the needs of customers. "If necessary, we meet our customers before 7 or after 5 pm", says Wenger.

"If you order via the internet, this is often cheaper at first, but ultimately it can cost money and nerves."Andreas Wenger
Managing Director Maga Bäder AG

If there was a problem, Maga employees used all their influence to get rid of it. "If you order via the internet, this is often cheaper at first, but ultimately it can cost money and nerves," continues Wenger.

But he is also aware that a large part of the population today pays particular attention to the price tag. "Bargains are attractive." The fact that the overweighting of a local enterprise also secures jobs in the region would not be visible to many.

Optimism prevails

"I'm not sure if I can keep my job until the retirement age," says 40-year-old Wenger regarding changing values ​​in society. For the time being, however, he looks optimistic in the future.

When Peter Mathys and Hansjörg Gafner founded the company, the competition did not give them much more than a year. "And we are still here today," says Wenger proudly. "I do not understand why this should change so quickly."

The open day for the 10th anniversary of Maga Bäder AG at the Bernstrasse 132 in Steffisburg takes place on September 1 between 10 am and 3 pm. (Thuner Tagblatt)

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