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The counter-proposal to the Velo initiative aims to strengthen bicycle traffic. Superfluous and too expensive, opponents complain about the original.

Whoever can do it will never forget it. And yet only seven to eight percent of the population in Switzerland is cycling. The counter-proposal for the bicycle initiative should – in the opinion of the Federal Council – help to ensure that this number increases rapidly.

That is being voted on

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On September 23, people and states will decide on the federal decision on bike paths and on hiking trails and hiking trails. The counter-proposal for the Velo initiative should prompt the federal government to promote cycle paths – as it does on hiking trails. The promotion of the bicycle network must lead to a reduction in car traffic. More cycle paths should also prevent cars and bicycles from getting in each other's way and thus preventing accidents. If the counter-proposal is accepted, the planning, construction and maintenance of the bicycle network is no longer only a matter for the cantons and the municipalities, but is anchored in the constitution as a federal task.

Supporting or patronizing cantons and communities?

If so, cycling would be equated with footpaths and footpaths that were anchored in the constitution for almost forty years. According to the federal council member, the fact is that the federal government is planning and coordinating Doris Leuthard proven. "The cantons and communities are happy to receive the support or expertise they can get from the federal government." Finally, the cantons and municipalities in particular have a great interest in ensuring that all transport routes are safe. "We can help them here, but the role of the federal government remains clearly subordinate."

This promise can Roland Rino Büchel (SVP / SG of the National Council) did not win much. He simply finds it unnecessary that the federal government can get involved. "We already have an excellent cycle path network," he says. The cantons and municipalities knew best which measures on the ground would be useful and made their work excellent. "We do not need uniform purification from above."

It is not about reallocating responsibilities, but about coordination, the federal council member replies. That was for federal daily work. "Cantons are not only the responsibility of cantonal roads." There, too, people speak – and that works.

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As representative of the Federal Council and Parliament:

As an opponent of the template:

  • Roland Rino Büchel, Link opens in a new window, National Council SVP / SG
  • Jürg Scherrer, Link opens in a new window, Old National Council car party
  • Manfred Bühler, Link opens in a new window, National Council SVP / BE
  • Silvan Amberg, Link opens in a new window, Independence Party UP
  • David Piras, Link opens in a new window, Les Routiers Suisses
  • Roger Bartholdi, Link opens in a new window, City Council SVP / Zurich

Other proponents of the template are:

  • Matthias Aebischer, Link opens in a new window, National Councilor SP / BE, President Pro Velo, Switzerland
  • Matthias Jauslin, Link opens in a new window, National Council FDP / AG
  • Rudolf Zumbühl, Link opens in a new window, TCS
  • Stéphanie Penher, Link opens in a new window, VCS
  • Chantal Beck, Link opens in a new window, Swiss tourism association

Car, public transport, bicycle – space for everyone?

The real traffic problems would not be resolved, criticized by "this constitutional article" Jürg Scherrer (Old National Council auto party). He also does not believe that it will stay with the budgeted 1.5 jobs, or 1.8 million francs a year. "More jobs have been created at federal and cantonal levels." Taxpayers – or motorists – would be asked to pay at the end.

Matthias Aebischer (National Council SP / BE) warns against playing car and cycling friends against each other. The time of trench battles between road users is a thing of the past. Moreover, most cyclists are also motorists. "It has room for everyone."

The Pro Velo president receives support – surprisingly at first sight – from the TCS. The account can offer unbundling, says board member Rudolf Zumbühl"If not everyone arrives on the same route and in the same way from A to B, this improves the flow and safety." Everyone could benefit from this, including motorists.

Does the template make cycling safer?

Whether the template actually provides more security is highly controversial among the participants in the "Arena". It is clear: 37 cyclists and e-bikers died in 2017 in Switzerland. The number of injured and killed cyclists has increased by 25 percent in the past five years.

That the constitutional article alone is changing these numbers Manfred Bühler (National Council SVP / BE) «an illusion». On the contrary, it is important to "educate" people, so that both possible bicycle and Autorowdys are put to the test. Security through unbundling – this concern of the proponents is also logical for the SVP man. But: "A total unbundling of traffic would soon be billions."

Bicycle traffic and climate goals

The debaters are not only divided in terms of safety, but also to what extent the template also serves to achieve climate goals. Finally, according to the Climate Agreement, Switzerland has to halve its CO2 emissions by 2030 (compared to 1990). With the fight against CO2, one can not justify a constitutional article in Switzerland, Jürg Scherrer argues. "Worldwide solutions are needed."

After all, Switzerland would be able to fulfill a role model function by giving bicycle traffic a higher priority, and with that environmental protection and public health, says Matthias Aebischer. Roland Rino Büchel takes on the role role model himself, as he describes it: "For 50 years I have been riding regularly and a lot of cycling – without the government ever having to animate me."

Everyone has to move the way they want, the federal council member Leuthard concludes the discussion. "Freedom of movement for everyone." But if the bicycle paths via the template were better coordinated, safer and more efficient, that would be logical.

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