Summer 2018: Hot, but not as hot as 2003

The summer of 2018 certainly was not a summer of a century, as SRF's weather agency writes in a Tuesday message. In Basel and Locarno in the record year 2003 it was no less than 1.5 degrees warmer than this year.

Only in customs in 2018 came close to the value of 2003 (-0.4 degrees). There were 36.2 degrees measured on the hottest day – the peak this year. This brings the summer of 2018 in terms of temperatures, but not close to the 2003 peak. In Grono in Misox, 41.5 degrees were then recorded.

Not so in the number of heat days: in the customs this year 44 heat days were measured, in 2003 there were only 42. Customs is however an exception here. Significantly fewer days with 30 degrees or more were recorded at other monitoring stations: in Locarno this was 37 days compared with 56 in 2003. In Basel there are 24 heat days 41.

The warm phase was warmer in 2003. At that time, just like this year, it started in the spring. It was about 1 degree on Lake Geneva and 0.5 degrees warmer in Ticino.

According to SRF Meteo, the downpour of last weekend also meant that the summer of 2018 would probably end up in third place. 2015 was still a bit hotter, especially in the mountains. The long-term average (1961 to 1990) beats the summer of 2018 anyway. It was about 3.5 degrees warmer, in some places even 4 degrees.

Lack of rain this year but led to extreme drought. Although it would rain again towards the end of August, 2018 was much drier than the hot summer of 2003.

In contrast, the number of hours of sunshine is still open. For example, July is already the sunniest day in Locarno since the start of the survey, meteorologists say. In some locations, such as St. Gallen, it is perhaps the sunniest summer since the start of the measurement. In many places, a few minutes would be decided until the end of August. (SDA)

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