SVP and Auns serve limit initiative – Switzerland

This time she does that SVP Nails with heads. Together with the action for an independent and neutral Switzerland (Auns), she submitted the signatures of the initiative to end the free movement of persons on Friday.

The two organizations took less than eight months to collect approximately 119,000 certified signatures. In contrast to the massive immigration initiative, the popular initiative for moderate immigration leaves no room for interpretation.

After approval of the initiative, the Federal Council has a year to negotiate with the EU on the termination of the free movement of persons. If that fails, he must terminate the agreement. New contracts allowing foreigners the free movement of persons are prohibited.

«Painful consequences»

This step is SVP and AuNS necessary because of "uncontrolled immigration and the painful consequences". High immigration and record nationalisations are facts that indicate that Switzerland must urgently limit immigration, according to a statement. In addition, the worryingly high number of provisionally admitted asylum seekers is.
Another argument is the unemployment rate. Switzerland has the highest unemployment rate since World War II. For foreigners, this is always higher than for Swiss, it says in the message. The motor of immigration is not the shortage of skilled labor. Foreign workers often migrated to low-paid jobs.

For SVP president Albert Rösti it is clear that free movement of persons with the EU is responsible for these developments. Because of the higher wage level in Switzerland, there was an appeal to work until an arrangement took place, said the Bernese National Council, according to the speech.

Conflicting statements

According to Auns President Lukas Reimann (SVP / SG), ultimately it is not about percentages and statistics. It is about whether someone has a job or not. He also warned against difficult cultural challenges and high social spending. But everyone who comes to Switzerland and gets his own costs with his own work, who learns a national language and keeps to law and order, is very welcome, said Reimann.

The termination of the Free Movement of Persons Agreement was already discussed in connection with the Mass Immigration Initiative. Both the Federal Council and the initiators have made contradictory statements. The Parliament then introduced only a notification duty for tasks, in which the initiative is only partly implemented. The restriction initiative is the reaction of the people, said Reimann. (SDA / TA)

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