SVP council member Bertschi introduces a chip device for dead cats

You can eat the uncertainty. If the beloved Büsi does not come home in the evening, the thoughts only revolve around one question: is it persuaded or is it just a long-term mouse hunt? If the cat or cat misses several days, hope remains that the animal is found and returned thanks to leaflets, a Facebook call or a suspended poster.

It is usually long dead. "In our cadaver collection center in Reinach AG, almost every week, dead Büsi are dumped, which have been run over somewhere," says the councilor and operator of several recycling collection points Karin Bertschi (28). Because most of these cats are not brought by the owners themselves, but by local construction officials, the owners of the dead animals can rarely be found.

Garb Princess introduces chip reader

Now the situation has improved for concerned pet owners around Reinach. Bertschi's suggestion that Busi has overcome will be identified at the assembly point in the future with the aid of a chip reader, so that they can quickly inform that the owners are immediately supported by the community.

And that's how it works: many cats nowadays have an implanted microchip of rice grain instead of a collar. They are marked and registered. The chip reader of the cadaver station reads the code of a dead cat and sends it to the Reinach building office.

This has access to the national database in which the owners of the animals are kept. So you can be informed about the sad news.

«I would like to have certainty»

"A Büsi often belongs to the family and I am very happy that even if the message is not beautiful, we can contribute to the loss of the animal," says the young hope of the SVP. She would also be happy if her "Buzzli" would not come home. "It would therefore be desirable for our good cooperation between the community and the collection center to be a source of education elsewhere", the garbage princess continues.

In various communities in Switzerland there are already such chip devices on Kadaverstellen. However, the system does not work perfectly. So reading the chip is often forgotten. Or the chip can no longer be found if an animal is badly damaged by road traffic.

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