Swiss accident statistics – violence against young women is increasing – News

15-24 year-olds are more than three times more likely to be victims of public violence than in 1995.

The violence against young women is increasing. Especially when they travel in public places, such as in the exit. According to figures from the Swiss accident statistics, which analyzed the "Sonntagszeitung", there were more than three times as many cases in 2016 as in 1995. Evidence that the violence could also have become bolder is given by the healing costs. They almost doubled in almost 20 years.

The statistics cover all those who live in Switzerland and are insured under the accident insurance law – ie all employees and unemployed. The figures show that in 1995 there were 200 violent injuries that caused injuries to young women between the ages of 15 and 24; In 2016 there were already 640 – more than three times as much.

Victim Support Statistics supports figures

It is important to note that the number of insured young women has remained more or less the same over the years. And: All accidents resulting in injuries that a report contains to the insurance company – such as a fight, a fight or a robbery – are recorded.

The fact that it is more dangerous for women is also suggested by the number of national statistics for victim support. Never before has there been so much consultation as last year, more than 27,000 – that's a tripling since the year 2000.

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