The big Swiss wage report: how much does the teacher of your children – Switzerland

The lack of teachers remains a problem throughout Switzerland – and it is likely to increase until 2025. The fact that many teachers work part-time is just one reason. The increase in the number of students, the retirement of the baby boomers and the high turnover all contribute. And often the reward.

Because, especially at the lower levels, the compensation is not exactly rosy – measured by education and social responsibility. In addition, there are huge differences between the cantons.

We show the differences in four categories.

1. Wages in the nursery class

Kindergarten teachers in the Canton of Geneva earn by far the most in Switzerland in the first year with approximately 97,000 francs. On the other hand, those who teach at the lowest level in the Canton of Grisons receive nearly 40,000 francs less.

In Graubünden, Neuchâtel and Ticino even the maximum wages are still below the entry level of Geneva.

  • Swiss average starting salary: 73,777 francs
  • Swiss maximum wage: 111,988 Swiss francs

Annual wages for kindergarten teachers (starting wages)

In most cantons, wages have risen in the past six years – according to the starting wages in 2012. At the top: the canton St.Gallen. Today he pays more than CHF 20,000 per year. The big leap occurred in 2016 (+ 13 & # 39; 130) and 2017 (+ 6961). At that time the cantonal government decided to increase the number of students in order to prevent teacher shortages and to guarantee school quality.

Bitter, on the other hand, sees it as a kindergarten teacher in the canton of Schaffhausen. They earn 3612 francs less than in 2012, but 72.241 francs are still on the midfield in the canton's equation.

2. Wages at basic level

The canton of Geneva is also on the primary level. However, basic teachers receive just as much as the kindergarten teachers here. This is not the case in most cantons.

At the bottom of the primary level is Ticino, where the same wage is paid as at kindergarten.

While Ticino retains the red lantern, even with the maximum wage, Zurich is clearly in the lead with more than 140,000 francs.

  • Swiss average starting salary: 77,068 francs
  • Swiss maximum wage: 116% 782 francs

Annual wages for teachers in primary education (starting wage)

The highest rise in the initial wage did not live here in St. Gallen, but in the Canton of Jura with 9256 francs. The Swiss homestead thus moved to the front midfield of the national comparison.

Only three cantons pay less than in 2012. Again the teachers from Schaffhausen are hit the hardest with a loss of 6566 francs. But even here it must be said: lower teachers and teachers in the northernmost canton still earn the eighth place.

3. Wages at secondary level

The third category – and for the third time that Geneva swings: teachers earn more than 100,000 francs in the canton in the first year. It is followed by Zurich and, surprisingly enough, Neuchâtel, which is far behind in kindergarten and midfield in primary school.

The bottom line is Schaffhausen, which has lowered its salaries since 2012 – we will see it below.

  • Swiss average starting wage: 90,723 francs
  • Swiss maximum wage: 136 & # 39; 707 francs

Annual wage for teachers of secondary education (starting wage)

While the Jura again reports a huge wage increase compared to 2012, teachers in the Canton of Neuchâtel, unlike six years ago, collect about 8,000 francs less. Nevertheless, the canton still occupies third place in the general equation.

4. Wages at the Gymnasium

Now Geneva is no longer at the top: in the first year Gymi teachers earn the most in Zug. This is followed by the cantons of Thurgau and Zurich, then Geneva.

Taillight here is Neuchâtel, which is clearly behind the Ticino. After all, the Neuchatel can give the last place in the maximum wage to the Italian-speaking colleagues.

  • Swiss average starting wage: 101 & # 39; 311 francs
  • Swiss maximum wage: 155 & # 39; 887 francs

Annual wages for teachers in high school (initial wage)

The last place in Neuchâtel's entry-level wage is no coincidence: since 2012 wages have been cut by almost 6,000 francs.

The teachers in the Canton of Glarus are better off: thanks to an increase of 7377 francs, their wages are now on the threshold of the first third in comparison with Switzerland.

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