The city of Lucerne can not demolish Schulhaus Grenzhof

The canton of Lucerne places the municipal school building Grenzhof under monumental care. He thwarts the plans of the city, which wants to demolish the school complex built in 1964 to 1967 in the Littau district.

The school complex of Grenzhof is considered a cultural monument that deserves protection, and the educational and cultural department of the Canton of Lucerne said it would have a particularly high level of publicity on Monday. It represents school architecture from the 1960s and with it the training of the post-war period.

The Grenzhof school building was built by the architects of Luzern, Friedrich E. Hodel and Hans U. Gübelin. It was renovated from 1992 to 1995. The factory is an important social space and a real center in a partially heavily loaded neighborhood, writes the canton.

Cost argument does not pull

The city of Lucerne wanted to demolish the Grenzhof school building and expand and renew the nearby school Rönimoos, which was built by the former municipality of Littau. She refused, for cost reasons, a renovation of the school building in Grenzhof.

This is now in contradiction with the canton. Despite the under-protection, the Grenzhof school can be renovated at a reasonable cost and adapted to the needs of today, according to the statement. The canton estimates the renovation costs at 28 million francs and the cost of a new building at 33 million francs.

Although the Grenzhof school building is protected as a monument, it can be adapted to the current school needs of the canton. Especially within his changes, he said. So an elevator can be installed. Group rooms can be realized. Adjustments are also possible with sanitary facilities, ventilation, acoustics or fire protection.

Identity is not destroyed by renovation

Such changes would not lead to the loss of valuable historical assets, the canton said. The identity of the monument has been preserved. Even after a renovation, the system could be used entirely for the school.

In October 2017, the city council had supported the plans of the city council for an additional building at the school Rönnimoos and a demolition of the school building at the linesman. He granted a loan to lead an architectural competition. However, last March the city council returned to this decision and blocked these plans until the issue of protection of heritage was clarified.

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