The devil's lawyer Tingler

By Philipp Tingler, September 2, 2018

It is hardly worse: Crocs. Photo: Pexels

I have thought a little about e-bikes, ladies and gentlemen. Recently, when I was on the train and passed the Bernese Oberland. It is easy to let your nose tend to electric bikes. In one way or another, e-bikes are so short for the Segway. But you do not have to write me letters for that now, thanks, because in a second step of my thoughts I did the following mental movement: I know you love this column, and what you love the most is my positive attitude .

After all, it is not that difficult to find e-bikes stupid. On the other hand, what the Englishman calls "to play the devil's advocate", that is, to take on the role of Advocate Diaboli, is described by Duden as: "Someone who for the sake of the matter the other side represents with his arguments, without going the other way or someone who consciously contributes counter arguments to a discussion to enliven them. "Qualitative animation is important for the debate culture of our time, which is also a pleasure to complain about. That is why we practice it now. To play the devil's advocate, I mean. Based on five phenomena about which one could easily turn the nose. Let's start with the electric bikes right away:

  1. E-bikes are good because …

    … they can reduce the number of Segways. Do you see it? Not so hard. That's how it goes:

  2. Plastic watches are good because …

    … they embody the memory of the eighties of the last century. When the world was even clearer. Or so it seemed. And plastic is still unproblematic. Or so it seemed.

  3. The heat wave was good because …

    … she created a consciousness of the greenhouse effect. And made sure you could keep the color longer.

  4. The book "Everything is possible here" by Gianna Molinari is good because …

    … it unintentionally reveals the mechanisms of the literary operation in a self-parodying way. For the same reason (that of self-parody), the Real Housewives of Orange County are also good. That is the only thing that Gianna Molinari has in common with the Real Housewives of Orange County.

  5. Plastic slippers are good because …

    … no, that is really going too far now. For that you have to look for another lawyer!

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