The government of Graubunkt against the abolition of the special yacht

The Graubünden government continues to oppose the abolition of the special yacht, as demanded by the cantonal special hunting initiative. The regulation of wild stocks would be more complicated, expensive and yet less animal-friendly, based on the referendum the manager is convinced.

The Special Hunt Initiative requires that the annual shooting plans be fully re-recorded during the regular hunting. An arrangement of the game populations with a Nachjagd in November and December must be waived.

The initiators criticize that in the special hunt moral and ethically reprehensible scenes continually occur, because rules of the normal hunt are not in force. The animals would be disturbed in hibernation, deer cows with offspring and the calves shot.

Migratory behavior of the red deer as a bottleneck

The main argument of the government against the referendum is the pronounced pulling behavior of the red deer. Large stocks were out of the canton during the normal hunt in September and October, Chief Executive Mario Cavigelli said on Wednesday in Chur for the media.

Therefore, the canton should start with the abolition of the special hunt for a government hunt in the same season, conducted by gamekeepers and mandated hunters. But that would cost the canton much more and the organizational effort would be much greater, said the forest director. Moreover, such a new regulation would not be more valuable to animal welfare.

The government therefore recommends that the parliament rejects the referendum. It is expected that the Grand Council will discuss the initiative during the December session. A referendum could then take place in the first half of 2019.

Second round for the special hunting initiative

This is the second time that the government and parliament are dealing with the special hunting initiative. The referendum was filed in 2013 with a record number of more than 10,000 signatures. Necessarily, 3000 signatures would have been required.

The executive asked Parliament in 2014 to declare the initiative invalid. This was done by the Council in February 2015 with 79 to 36 votes. Against this decision, the initiators moved to the federal court and they received the end of 2017 well. Now the wish still comes for the electorate.

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