The Limmattaler party of the year starts in ten days: the Dietiker Stadtfest from A to Z – Limmattal region – Limmattal

Directions: For public transport users, only the location of the Rapidplatz bus stop will change: it will be on the Limmatfeld and Alfred-Comte-Strasse for three days. Guests arriving at the right bank of the Limmattal can get off at the station: at the Heimstrasse stop at the Limmat tower – just a stone's throw from Rapidplatz. For motorists there are parking spaces in the economic area Silbern. Because of the fun fair in the Limmatfeld, parts of the Heimstrasse and the Grünaustrasse are closed. Until the city festival, the currently closed junction Schönenwerd is open again.

Beer: The local Dietiker beer from the Darkwolf brewery in silver is also available for drinking at the village party. The state of the brewery is located on the church square, opposite the restaurant Tomate. A few meters further, the Tennis Club Dietikon with its stand for an Oktoberfest during the city festival. And many more stalls have beer on offer.

Cash: for money you probably have to wait less for the church square. Because on the church square many banks compete for ATM customers. In Limmatfeld, however, there is only one.

Dietikon: Numerous artists perform during the city festival. But the stars of the weekend are Dietikon and his people themselves. The city will be 929 years old this year. Dietikon was mentioned in a chronicle in 1089, which deals with the establishment of the Benedictine monastery Zwiefalten. It is the oldest known manuscript that provides information about the village. But that is not why the city festival is celebrated, but because a festival always means "putty for the people", as it expressed OK president and former city president Otto Müller.

Essen: In total there are more than 50 different restaurants, bars, attractions and exhibitions in the Stadtfest Dietikon. No one should be hungry. Whether fondue, hot dogs, crepes, torchbabs, Schoggi-fruit, Fischchnusperli or Chnoblibrot, whether it's Thai or Turkish specialties, schnitzelbrod, churros, risotto, sausages, grilled corncobs, tapas, soup or bellybread: for a banquet is taken care of – your own kitchen At home you can stay untouched for three days with confidence. Incidentally, the city festival is also vegan-fit: for example, the Quartierverein Limmatfeld is a so-called chili sin carne, in addition to beef skewers.

Festbändel: Even without festbändel one enters the entire festival area. But who wants to celebrate with a clear conscience pays 10 francs. During the festival, the ribbons are sold along the way by helpers and the two information stands on the Rapidplatz and the church square. Until the city festival they are also available at the counter in the mansion.

City council: The Dietiker parliament also has reason to celebrate. It is 60 years old. The first session of the Grand Council, as originally called by the Parliament, took place on 31 July 1958. These were preceded by two years of discussion on the abolition of the municipal council and the introduction of the municipal parliament. Because in the 1950s municipal meetings were usually only weakly visited, interest groups could easily influence business, thanks to skillful mobilization in their own ranks in their favor. For the jubilee there is an exhibition in the Gemeinderatsbeiz in Limmatfeld. Governor Jacqueline Fehr delivers a greeting here on 31 August.

Helpers: In the beginning, the search for city festival helpers was still resinous, but now most of the 1500 helper hours are occupied. In total, 150 helpers of city festivals were found.

Infrastructure: a lot of material is needed for the city festival. This only shows the weight of the phase installation on the Rapidplatz. It weighs 17.5 tons even without technology. And the entire surface that is rented for pickling and other temporarily at the city festival is 3900 square meters.

Vintage meeting: Dieticians from the same age meet at the Dietiker Stadtfest for eleven vintage gatherings in eleven stains. The oldest category is "1940 and older". In steps of five years it goes on until "1986 and younger".

Artist: the music program is diverse. Among the most famous names are Boney M., Francine Jordi, Dodo, Gigi Moto, Siga and Stefan Roos. In terms of comedy, of course, the duo Lapsus, Stefan Heuss, Michael Elsener and Anet Corti to mention. The stages on the church square and the Rapidplatz and the stage on track 21 are not everything: in the Velohaus at the train station is still the Bora Bora Beach Club, where among others the famous dietitian Roger Zeindler aka DJ Roger Martin will perform.

Walks: The walkways at the city festival are short. On foot you reach the church square from the Rapidplatz with about 950 steps and takes only 9 minutes. Symbols help with orientation: the lion represents the church square, the giraffe for the fast spot and the monkey for the track 21.

Motto: "Dietikon moves" is the motto of the city festival, which is also printed on the festival ribbon. It stands for the dynamism of the city, it must show that something is going on in Dietikon and also symbolizes that the city moves its inhabitants emotionally. The club also appears under the same name, which was established to organize the festival.

New: it is the first time that Dietikon is celebrating a real city festival. Every three to six years, this must be repeated from now on, each with a different motto – and never in the same year as the Schlierefäscht. That the dietitians can organize festivals, they have often proven in the past. Undoubtedly the most memorable was the 900th anniversary of the city in 1989.

Organizing Committee: The Stadtfest-OK consists of eleven people and is led by the old city chairman Otto Müller. The OC knows how to arouse enthusiasm. The Dietiker parliament has rarely been united as in 2016 when it talked about the loan of 270,000 francs for the city festival. All in all, costs of 530,000 francs are expected, which are sometimes covered by sponsors and other income.

Police: The city festival is also a special, new thing for the city police Dietikon. She will be in full occupation during the festival weekend, so with all 14 city police and city police on the road. To make this possible, the necessary measures have already been taken early. For a long time a holiday was for the weekend. "The city festival is also unique from the point of view of the police. In the 15 years that I have worked for the city police, we have never had such a big opportunity, "says Rolf Wohlgemuth, head of the Dietiker Stadtpolizei. The canton police also know about the city festival and their patrol activity in the Limmattal on the weekend of the festival, they are always on the spot, and the security company of Dietiker, Outsec, is also in action alongside the police force.

Quartier: as part of this first city festival, the new district of Limmatfeld must be symbolically integrated into the & # 39; old & # 39; Dietikon and are celebrated. In 2005, the city council had approved the Limmatfeld design plan. By 2019 the construction of the last two construction sites on the power plant's channel, which started in 2017, will also be completed. Suitable for the city festival is the New Year's Journal 2019 on the subject Limmatfeld.

Rasselbande: The city festival also has a lot to offer for children and adolescents. Among other things, the Nursing Club attracts a world of games. The youth and leisure facility Chrüzacher goes to the Festwochenende in Limmatfeld, offers pony rides, face painting and much more. The youth work that lures Dietikon with a field of Streetsoccer. At the Cevi-Beizli, also in the Limmatfeld, is the popular Harassenstapeln. There are also other offers. Musical highlights for children are the performances of Andrew Bond and the band and the children's pop group Schtärnefoifi on Saturday afternoon.

Knitting: under the motto "Dietikon knitting needles", volunteers were used to knit a total of 900 pieces of cloth 20 to 20 centimeters. The result is a large patchwork image that will be hung on the church square on Tuesday, August 28th.

Toilets: fixed toilets, which are also accessible for the disabled, are available in underground garages Kirchplatz and Rapidplatz. In Limmatfeld three were added and in the cemetery another toilet location.

Underground: Under the ground it flows into the houses, the water. An exhibition about the Dietikon water supply on the Rapidplatz can be seen at the city festival. The occasion is her 125th birthday. On 5 May 1893, for the first time, water flowed from the newly created reservoir of Röhrenmoos into the main pipeline which was built at the same time. The cool water came from the Laubibrun squares in the forest above the dog house. For the then 2000 inhabitants of Dietikon this was a big change, because they had to get their water from the Reppisch until then. In addition, there were a number of grass sods in the village, which drained the groundwater, and four village sources.

Associations: in addition to the 150 city festival helpers help hundreds of people in the many club colors. Everyone who eats with them supports their commitment throughout the year to a lively, moving Dietikon. Without the clubs such a festival would not be feasible. They have a big thank you and also the generous sponsors.

Landmark: The park and railway area at the station is Chilbiplatz at the city festival. There is also a more than 30 meters high Ferris wheel. It becomes the symbol of the city festival.

X- the big unknown: will there be more or less than the expected 30 000 visitors? One thing is clear: advertisements have also been placed on the Limmattal, such as posters on Mutschellen. Do you want to say: Aargauer is also welcome at the city festival.

YouTube: Anyone who wants to prepare for Dietiker Stadtfest can look for the music of the artists on YouTube. A compilation of Youtube video's of the performing artists can be found below. The Youtube video for the hit "Daddy Cool" by Boney M. has already been viewed more than 103 million times.

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