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The most dangerous competitor of Keller-Sutter decreases – News Zurich: Region

The Graubünden Martin Schmid is not in the Bundesratsrennen. He is not available as a candidate, "although I would be very enthusiastic about the Bureau," says Schmid in a press release. This eliminates the most dangerous competitor of FDP top favorite Karin Keller-Sutter from the race.

Ruedi Noser was also considered a possible candidate in the race for the follow-up of federal councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann. Now he says he is not available.

Martin Schmid makes clear in his communiqué that he leans on the exaggerated call for a woman in the Bundesrat. He would have "strongly supported the interests of the economic and mountainous areas in the Federal Council", writes Schmid – and he also believes that he "would fulfill many requirements for the high office and bring the necessary management experience". he has renounced anyway, is due to "that I should not stand in the way of the widespread desire that now a liberal woman in the Federal Council must follow." With Karin Keller-Sutter there is also a proven and competent candidate available, he writes, family members would have made his resignation easier, writes Schmid, who has three pre-school children and children.

Schmid brings at least a comparable complete Bundesrat profile to Keller-Sutter on paper: Although the 49-year-old Graubünden medal is much less present than the 54-year-old St. Gallen. Schmid is also widely respected in parliament. As a former government council and councilor for seven years, Schmid's political experience is very similar to that of Keller-Sutter. Like Keller-Sutter, Schmid also had a decisive influence on important parliamentary transactions, such as the implementation of the second home initiative.

Within the FDP Schmid belongs to the right wing. That is why there were SVP voices calling for a candidacy against Keller-Sutter, both publicly and in direct conversation. "Schmid is more bourgeois than Keller-Sutter," said the Bündner SVP National Council Heinz Brand. With further support, Schmid could count on conservative CVP circles and on the national and provincial councils of Berggebiet.

In a direct attack on Keller-Sutter, Schmid would have been the outsider. But because an election from the federal council to the end remains unpredictable, Keller-Sutter could not feel completely safe until the end. Conversely, after a possible election, Schmid would have to be branded as a "murderer" for years.

Tuesday Kronfavoritin Karin Keller-Sutter stated that she was available as a candidate. She is the only representative of the FDP so far, who has pledged for a possible successor to Johann Schneider-Ammann.

Video: Karin Keller-Sutter explains her YES

The St. Gallen Council of State President is the favorite in the race for successor to Johann Schneider-Ammann.

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